Green Footprint

GRO3 EcoPrO3 Ozone is Environmentally Friendly

Amfil Technologies and GRO3 are leading the effort in green ozone technology by harnessing the power of activated oxygen O3 and applying it into commercial cultivation, food preparation and beverage process areas instead of many dangerous pesticides and chemicals. The GRO3 EcoPrO3 system is approved for organic use by USDA approved certifying agent  PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic). The core technology of GRO3 systems can safely be used while food products are being processed to ensure proper high level sanitation. This replaces traditional sanitizers and chemicals that are used once processing is done due to the potential for product contamination. GRO3 also reduces hot water usage and thus reduces the carbon footprint of your facility. Waste water disposal cost savings with institutional and commercial processing capabilities make the GRO3 antimicrobial systems both green and economically viable for all types of facilities. GRO3 - Creating a Cleaner Cannabis Industry, Creating a Cleaner World.