Amfil Technologies Inc. was initially founded as Technical Ventures Inc. which is a New York state corporation formed on June 14, 1985 to raise capital for the purpose of seeking business acquisition possibilities throughout North America.

ACTS Technologies, Inc. was initially founded in 1998 as a company providing consulting/engineering services primarily to the Food & Beverage Manufacturing industry. Services provided included project management, advanced manufacturing, equipment procurement / implementation, quality assurance improvement, plant upgrades, etc. On April 8th 2014, the company expanded its existing portfolio by entering into a Joint Venture Agreement to acquire a 50% shared ownership with Antibacterial Cleaning Treatment Services Inc. (A.C.T.S. Inc.) of the mPact – GRO3 Antimicrobial Systems. The Company also acquired the exclusive right of representation to perform with A.C.T.S. Inc. as a Systems and service Provider to any Medical Marijuana Industry and legal marijuana grow/process establishments.

In 2004. Acts was introduced to ozone technology as an antimicrobial agent in food manufacturing plants. The company quickly realized the benefits of ozone not only as an antimicrobial, but also as the basis for a novel cleaning technology, later to be named the mPactTM Cleaning Antimicrobial Systems. Today, Amfil Technologies’ has teamed up with mPactTM GRO3 to develop and market a unique offering of GRO3 equipment designed and dedicated to the marijuana industry. Our entire focus is the expert application and integration of our proprietary mPactTM GRO3 ozone technologies to clean and antimicrobially treat cultivation bottling and food manufacturing marijuana facilities worldwide. ACTS has subsequently rebranded to A.O.I. and the ozone technology has been upgraded and rebranded to EcoPrO3. Our technology will help ensure hygienic compliance and assist companies in passing all tests required by State or government licensing departments. Today we offer a fully customizable suit of system.