What Is Ozone

Ozone is simply a gas composed of three oxygen atoms. However, it is also an extraordinary sanitizing agent that is economically produced and also remarkably effective for both direct product application as well as water purification and equipment cleaning/sanitizing.

What is Ozone
• Oxygen molecules (O2) are split, resulting in two individual oxygen atoms (O1).
• Oxygen atoms (O1) + (O1) unite with other oxygen molecules (O2) to produce OZONE (O3).
• Hence: (O1) + (O2) = (O3)

Properties of Ozone
• A gas: tri-atomic form of oxygen
• Most powerful oxidizing agent available for conventional water treatment highly reactive
• Unstable – must be generated and used on-site
• the weak bond holding ozone's third oxygen atom is what causes the molecule to be unstable and thus, very effective as an oxidizer.
• Partially soluble in water, but more so than oxygen
• Ultimately reverts to environmentally friendly oxygen